Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A few more things...

  • Vintage red rose plates

  • Ironstone Dishes -- would have more if another lady who knew I was going to buy, but had to go get cart hadn't of taken most of the salad plates! (Goodwill)

  • Ralph Lauren Shirtdress & Smocked Jumper (Goodwill)

  • Milkglass Vases for $1 each (Goodwill)

  • Vintage clutch on top of JCrew sweater (Goodwill)

  • Some more silverplate (Goodwill)

  • 2 ties -- vintage brown striped & Donald Trump striped (Goodwill)

  • 2 Anna Sui for Target dresses with tags! (Goodwill)
  • New Balance Shoes ($5 @ Goodwill! I've been needing to buy some new ones...these look almost brand new!)

More stuff...

  • 2 Christmas smocked dresses (Goodwill)
  • One of a set of yellow tea cups I love!
  • McCoy bowl (Goodwill = $10)

Past Finds...I've sold on ebay!

  • Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
  • Ralph Lauren Suede Pumps
  • Vintage Scarf
  • Vintage Lacoste Red Sweater (haven't sold yet!)
  • Banana Republic Brown Leather boots
  • Anne Klein Black Strappy Sandals (haven't sold yet!)
  • Banana Republic Party Skirt (haven't sold yet!)

Welcome to Mary Olive Vintage!

My obsession with thrift stores started while away at college. There were 2 really good Goodwills and several other cool thrift and antique stores near by and I made weekly and often biweekly trips to them. Since then, I've become more than obsessed...so much that it's rubbed off on my sister as well. I may have to give some credit to my mom as well. She fell in love with antiques, cake plates and old dishes a few years before I moved off to college and as a result pulled me right in with her. I'm always on the lookout for milk glass, Fire King, ironstone, white dishes, old silver, cake plates, vintage purses, old linen, smocked children's clothes and whatever else catches my eye. I love a bargain!

So, thought I would start sharing my finds here on this blog. If I get time, I might take pics of some of the stuff I've found over the past few years as well.